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Spring-Dealing with Laminitis

Take Control of Laminitis in Your Horse

Story by Eleanor Kellon, VMD

Your horse can survive this serious disease if you diagnose it quickly, pay attention to his diet and proper medications, and see tha...

World Equestrian Games 2010

September 25th-October 10th, 2010
The World Equestrian Games are comprised of the world championships for eight equestrian sports. The Games are held every four years, two years prior to the Olympic Ga...

Endurance Horse Elmer Bandit

It’s a sad week in the competitive trail riding community as we hear news of Elmer Bandit’s passing. The 38 year old half-Arabian gelding that has been an inspiration to many was euthanized at his hom...

Equine Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy

EPSM or Equine Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy is a muscle disease most commonly associated with heavy horse breeds. Common heavy horse breeds in the United States include the Clydesdale , Shire , Belgian Draf...

Kentucky Diehard Endurance Ride

November 21, 2009
Shakerville of Pleasant Hill
Harrodsburg, KY

Lexington Combined Classic CDE

October 1-4, 2009
Lexington, KY

To wrap up our coverage of last week’s Lexington Combined Driving Classic, here are the “Yaay, it was a successful event!” press release and a few more photos …

The third ...